Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Who Made Harvick Sherriff?

Sherriff Harvick?
Of all the shenanigans that went on Sunday night in Texas, the strangest was Kevin Harvick sneaking up behind Brad Keselowski and pushing him towards Jeff Gordon. 

Up until that point, the confrontation between Keselowski and Gordon seemed to be headed in the direction of the typical baseball “fight,” lots of guys (and Jamie Little) standing around yelling and pushing, but no punches being thrown.

But Harvick’s push put Keselowski within range of Gordon, who reached out and grabbed him.  That’s when all hell broke loose.  Harvick was nowhere to be seen, however, slinking off into the shadows after triggering a fight that would put most minor league hockey brawls to shame.

NASCAR rightfully came down hard on the crewmembers involved with fines and suspensions announced Tuesday, but it elected to let Harvick go unpunished.  If it had been a hockey game, he would have received a game misconduct for being the third man in.   

"If you're going to drive like that, you'd better be willing to fight," Harvick had said after the race.  "It's like I told him, 'If you're going to drive like a madman, you'd better be willing to take a few punches.' He was going to stand behind his guys.  Jeff Gordon deserved to at least have a face-to-face conversation with him.

"I said (to Keselowski), 'You're the problem. Get in your own fight.'"

All that may be true, but the question is: Who died and made Harvick sheriff?  And remember, Harvick has already said there’s no way Matt Kenseth will win the Chase after the pair collided at Martinsville. 

Actually, Harvick is more Deputy Dawg than Wyatt Earp, but that’s beside the point.

“Kevin likes everybody to fight for some reason,” Keselowski said.  “I came here to race, not to fight.  I raced as hard as I could and these guys just didn’t like it.”

With all eight Chase eligible drivers still in the running for the finale, the circus now heads to Phoenix, appropriately just up the road from the Tombstone and the O. K. Coral.  At least that one was a relatively fair fight, the three Earps and Doc Holliday against four Cowboys.  So the Earps brought shotguns.  But that’s nothing like was Keselowski will face.  About the only person he can count on not to put him into the wall is teammate Joey Logano, who has had his own run-ins with Marshall Harvick and others.

That’s a fact not lost on Denny Hamlin.

"It's hard to win a championship on your own," said Hamlin on Tuesday.  "I feel like I've learned the hard way that that these guys can make your job hard, if they really want to.  You've just gotta have some kind of friends out there in some kind of way."

Somehow I don't think Keselowski feels the same way.


  1. Absolutely true, Harvick thinks he is some kind of bad a$$, yet he has never confronted anyone himself without jumping someone from behind or while they were still strapped in their car.
    On second thought, he did try to "man up" to Montoya at Watkins Glen a few years back. When JPM didn't back down, "jiu jitszu master" Harvick started backing up real quick. I also remember another time when his classy friend (and now boss) decided to grope his wife on pit road. I guess that was a non issue. Glad to see many in the media and fans are starting to see what a pansy this man really is.

  2. Harvick turns out to be a pious hypocrite for sure. A snake and a sneaky one at that. Video does confirm he was trying to slyly slink out of the scene. Likewise for Jeff Gordon after the punch was thrown.

    In the end, I believe Gordon will apologize. If he doesn't, his integrity and his stock is going straight down the tube.

  3. Thanks for the article. Disappointed with the fact that a 17th place driver in real points is tie with a man with 5 wins and a host of top 5's and top 10's and other worthy drivers were sent packing. This is how we go about getting a true "Champion"? How sad and misleading about his accomplishments if he wins.

    As for Harvick, anybody who has been watching Nascar for awhile knows that Harvick not once has handled his own mess. He is usually behind crew members or uses his car with a helmet on..and always making sure a official is near by to hide behind.

    Hamlin should keep his stupid mouth shut. Hamlin lecturing Kez on "respect" on national level shows how truly delusional and not very bright he is. He is the poster child for stupid moves, comments and temper tantrums. Kez was racing and did it well,

    Go Brad, keep you smart brain in the game...and go get em!

  4. Keelin... Your Dad Is a woosy!!

  5. Great article... I agree but then again we all have to remember that harvick is driving a Hendrick car. There were atleast 10 Hendrick cars out there on sunday. I just cant wait till its the Hendrick cup and I can quit watching!!

    Go Brad, Joey, and Carl!!!!

    1. So true..billionaire Rick says I'll pay the fines. He's managed to race 8 teams. I'm. Thinking he was a criminal years ago,anyone remember ? Jeff made the mistake on restart,and is try to lay the blame on others. JEFF your spotter says. Inside Inside and nothing happens. Face it Jeff you screwed the pooch.

    2. YES!!! Rick Hendrick is a convicted felon on Federal Bribery charges and some say faked cancer to get out of going to prison. He also gave gobbs of many to the re-election of Bill Clinton to obtain a pardon. He is probably a Hillery supporter too.

      Paying the fine of his employees tells me he condones what his employees did...Its is a paid hit! If I did that wearing my employers logo on TV I would have been fired and have to pay the fine.

      I wonder what his sponsors think of Fuller giving cheep-shot rabbit punches to Brad Keslowski and anyone in a Miller Lite uniform?

      The next time Harvick or Gordon hit anyone on the race track they should remember what happened at Texas and what occurred because it all comes around.

  6. Who made Havewreck sherriff ? I did Art, I did.

  7. Harvick, knew Brad was on probation,so ,he pushed him , to get him in trouble again, so he didn't have to race him! He made the remark, the week before, that he didn't want to race the TWO!! an, does, anyone else, think, maybe C B, made sure jeffie, would not win the race, an be in the chase? Last year?? Brad , did no wrong!!!

  8. He's always been and will be a gutless punk.

  9. The entire Stewart Haas team of drivers are arogant and entitled. Cant wait to see their Princess screw up a Chase driver by getting in the way.