Friday, April 11, 2014

Indy To Add Another Day of Practice After Qualifying

2013 Pole Sitter Ed Carpenter hopes to be in the hunt again
Looks like the change in qualifying procedures for this year's Indianapolis 500 will result in an additional day of practice between the end of qualifying and the race. 

There’s normally been only a couple of hours of practice after the close of qualifying – on Carb Day.  But changes to the qualifying procedure this year pushed the Fast Nine Shootout for the pole from Saturday until Sunday afternoon. 

In the past, teams safely qualified on Saturday would spend Sunday working on their race setup.  More than a few were wondering aloud if perhaps their time on Sunday might still be better spent working on race setup, rather than making an all-out pole run, especially given the newly updated cars.   To head that off, IndyCar is putting word out to the teams in Long Beach that another day of practice to work on race setup will be available for all qualifiers, most likely on Monday, May 19.

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