Monday, December 9, 2013

Seth Meyers on Patrick, Gordon and Mohr

Jeff Gordon on Saturday Night Live
It seems to be open season for comedians on Danica Patrick and Jeff Gordon.  It's not just Jay Mohr.  Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers, appearing on Monday's Dan Patrick Show, was asked about athletes who have hosted SNL. 

“We had Andy Roddick and Jeff Gordon," Meyers said.  "I would describe them as an excellent tennis player and an excellent race car driver.   I played celebrity poker with Jeff Gordon.  He bluffed and I called him.  He asked ‘how did you know I was bluffing?’  I said I spent a week with you, watching you try to be an actor.  I know when you’re faking it.” 

Personally, I thought Gordon was pretty good on the show.

Meyers was then asked about Mohr's "up front" Patrick (Danica) joke at the NASCAR banquet, which was played several times on the Patrick (Dan) show, to increasing snickers. 

“It’s not a terrible joke, but you have to weigh whether or not it’s worth telling,"  said Meyers, who has hosted the ESPYs and the notorious White House Correspondent’s Dinner .  

He warmed to the joke after he heard it several times.  "It seemed like Jay knew that was going to get a groan, 'cause he had ‘it’s a comedy show’ ready.  So then it’s fine.  I like having a few groaners whenever I do anything.  Those are the most fun.  You always go in with two or three (jokes) that are for you.  Jokes I’m really happy I told.”

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